Name's June.
I'm a Bounty Hunter. (duh.)
When I'm not working,
I'll answer your questions.

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The Bounty Hunter and The Runaway


The Bounty Hunter and The Runaway

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If you have an Ask blog, message me! :)

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I think…
All the ask blogs should take a minute to introduce themselves.
To each other, to our followers.
I sort of … feel like a welcome stranger, you know?
I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Carrie. My personal is (but it changes often so…)
It’s nice to meet you all and thank you for following!

I am also Carrie. xD

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scrappyyoung-deactivated2012041 said: I love you, <3

Thank you?
I seem to be getting a lot of these lately.

I think I’m starting to like this place.

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JUNE! <3

I am very well, how have you been? It has been a while since our last encounter.

Yes, I remember our last encounter.
Can’t complain about how I’ve been.

I hear you have a tea shop in Ba Sing Se.
Maybe I could … stop by for a cup the next time I’m in town.

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something-even-lighter-than-air said: hey jun
it's toph
the one who's just as bad ass as you
follow me :) asktoph(dot)tumblr(dot)com

… A little late on that one, kid.
But thanks for the welcome?

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Anonymous said: June, I love you. You're the biggest badass in all of Avatar. <3

Why thank you.
I have a certain fondness for you too, Anon.

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Jun appreciation post:


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legit ooc post


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oc34n said: So like, how are you and Nyla?

We’re fine.

I’m teaching her to play Pai Sho. She’s very good at it, despite being blind.

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